Appearance was a very loose reference to ethnic group identification and the things that go with it. I didn’t miss her point. Call it my white privilege, I have no issue with a woman or a non-white being president. I just consider some other issues to be more important.

One of my interests is tactics. As I mentioned, the author’s issue is difficult to discuss so it is helpful in finding a solution that is not perceived, correctly or incorrectly, as a big vengeful fu.

I often catch hell for pointing out that name calling like racist, sexist, X-phobic, etc. might be emotionally satisfying but it’s unsound tactically. Blowback to that may very well lead to a Trump reelection as a big fu right back. I think that played a large role in his election. When people are worked up and angry they are less inclined to ask, what could go wrong with this tactic? That presumed that they think tactically.

I understand your pushback. Shall I dare to say that I don’t think white males have a monopoly on the negative things you point out, they’ve just been in a position to do it. When the white man is knocked off the top of the hill I see no reason to expect the new king to be more inclined to virtue. Human nature is what it is. That doesn’t give us a pass.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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