An interesting read, thank you. In answer to your question, “Is the city really liberal?” Why not? Liberals often have the soft racism of low expectations. While not as blatant as the now rare N word slingers they are in some ways worse. They’re are also hard racists among them who accuse every white person politically to the right of Karl Marx of being a racist, which is by definition racist in it’s own right.

As someone with an interracial (a brown Southeast Asian) marriage of near 49 years I’ve watched and experienced racism, sometimes violent, aimed at my mixed race children from all races and political outlooks. Things are not the way they were in the bad old days before the civil rights movement but racism still exists under a different veil and the assumption that racists are all white or conservative could cause you grief. You mentioned the administration’s fear mongering — have you thought about what the liberals are doing in that regard?

I’m sorry if this sounds negative to you, it is not my intent, but you ended your story with a question. How could a people who assume negatives about people based upon race be anything other than racists?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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