Although formally a Buddhist my relationship with Taoism is mostly through martial arts where the flow is very significant.

Just as if you are caught in the flow of a rip current, if you stay caught in it’s flow it can take you too far out to sea and swimming directly against it will exhaust you, so you must go with the flow at a tangent until it’s power to overcome you is diminished. The same goes for all flows that are working against you as is commonly practiced in martial arts.

It is not just with things physical. We can see many here on Medium who are unhappy with the flow of the Zeitgeist and attempt to oppose it directly which contributes to an antagonistic duality leading to the extreme of hatred. Better to understand our relationship with the flows of life to deal with them harmoniously even when we see the flow in the direction of harm. It is a proven formula.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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