All things are subject to change, including normal. I've had many different normals with different times and places. A student (dependent), a Marine (in a war), a minimum wage earner living in a rented mobile home (trailer trash), an expat (living under Sharia Law), retired, etc. Sadly, when we are living in the good times we don't know it.

Many of the places in times of my life no longer exist, torn down and replaced with a shopping mall that will one day be torn down and replaced with something else. Can't go back.

For many, the devil they know is less frightening than the devil they don't. This can often include the marginalized and people who showed up at the banquet of life and got served a shit sandwich.

Some people strive for change that requires tearing down what others have or like. They grow in number if Medium writers are at all representative. Others, like me, work to change my circumstances with minimal impact on others while not impeding them in their effort to change their own normal for the better. Who the hell am I to want to tear down the world of others to change it to my liking?

One thing that doesn't change is that things will change. Often not the way that we like. Looking for ways to make my new normal the good times that I'll fondly look back on later seems like a plan for happiness. Some of mine occurred in crappy times. But as you wrote, there's not really an Re:

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