A while back I was in a big chain grocery store looking for a certain cut of meat. I called my wife on my cellphone to tell her they didn’t have it and said, “This store is too white to have it. I need to go to an Asian market.” I heard laughter and looked around to see a laughing black man who said, “You’re right, this place sure is too white to have that.” There’s nothing inherently racist about noticing things associated with race.

In my opinion, racism is having low expectations of someone based upon their race. Black people are every bit as likely to have that as white people and it is racist. It keeps the systems of racism alive to judge people negatively by the color of their skin.

There is nothing negative about thinking I’m more likely to find chicken feet or tripe at an Asian market than at a Kroger store. Stores stock for their dominant market and aren’t bring racist for not stocking what they expect their customer base to buy. Just as I routinely see Africans (from Africa) in the Asian markets because they can find what they want there. A positive expectation.

The blurry line between noticing things associated with race and negative accusation based upon it is where we step into the world of racism.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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