A man with a hammer sees nails everywhere and if you are looking for evidence of racial or sexual bias you can easily find it. Perhaps it's my white male privilege showing but I don't see race or gender as a qualification and would be perfectly happy if there was a way that such things could be unknown to voters.

I rely heavily upon the non-partisan https://justfacts.votesmart.org/ . Before the debates I made a spreadsheet from data found there regarding favorability of the candidate based upon their stated positions and the history of their actions with multipliers for how important those individual issues are to me. It's time to do another (updated) one. Most people don't go to that extreme but I do think more are looking at positions and history than race or gender. Just as you can find the examples you gave there is plenty of evidence that the far left that finds her to me too mainstream will still vote for her because of her race/gender. The sword is double edged.

The VP is very important at this time since there is a high chance that Biden, if elected, won't finish the four year term and the VP will become POTUS.

As for her appeal, five minutes of Tulsi Gabbard talking about her history and she fell so hard in the ratings that she dropped out of the race. Those issues won't go away. The Democratic Party back room wants people like Clinton, Obama and Harris, not people like Sanders. She is what the party elite want. Is she what America wants?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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