With the advent of the internet, everyone with an internet connection (basically everyone) can give you their opinion. They seem to consider it to be their holy duty to influence your thoughts and opinions. For some it is undeniably wholesome things like promoting the idea of a healthy lifestyle; food, exercise, what you let into your head, how to help your career. Good on them.

Unfortunately most of the world lives under some variety of democracy where the majority rules (kinda sorta). A system which can be quite evil since it is part of a system of government where the…

I have a friend, a long term one. We worked at the same place in different functions. We practiced martial arts together for many years. He really, really wants to talk politics. It is a difficult task to not go to war with each other or ruin a long term friendship. My issue is less about partisanship or difference in an issue and more about a way of thinking.

Picture by author in a war zone. Medium says I should put a picture, I am hard pressed to think of the right one, but I know that I don’t want my friend and me on opposite sides of that concertina.

I’ve heard (not from him), “You expressed an opposing idea the other day. Don’t you have cognitive dissonance over that?” Not the slightest. There is some truth on both sides of…

Cover of the manual approved for public release

The manual is about military deception but the technique is clearly in use against the American people, and the world.

At page 1–6 we find the following:

“1–30. Any deception aims to either increase or decrease the level of uncertainty, or ambiguity, in the mind of the deception target. This ambiguity has the potential to compel the target to mistakenly perceive friendly motives, intentions, capabilities, and vulnerabilities thereby altering the target’s assessment. Two generally recognized types of MILDEC exist:

Ambiguity-increasing. 1–31. Ambiguity-increasing deception provides the enemy with multiple plausible friendly COAs. …

Global warming is the buzz. It really has reached the point that it is undeniable and is getting worse rapidly. Unfortunately talking about it doesn’t do anything to solve the problem. Reminds me of that other hot topic. All talk about the problem with no viable solution. No one wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Population and Average global Temperature by Decade

The data I found went to 2010. The current world population at this time is nearly 7.9 billion people. It’s going up fast, and so is the temperature. The UN projects that by 2030 60% of the world population will be urbanized.

Trump’s primary strength is criticism from the left. It may have been his ghost writer but the thought is definitely all him when you read in the book, “The Art of the Deal” that an inch of controversial news is worth more than paying for a half page ad. I am firmly convinced that he would not have been elected if CNN had not given him 24/7 coverage.

Why is that a strength. For many, if not most, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. America is now quite polarized to the point of demonizing the opposition as if…

Indoctrination for tribal hate, or at minimum, contempt, has always been a ubiquitous part of preparation for war. When people shout about the injustice or evil of another group they are beating war drums. It may or may not be intended, but is the music that young men inclined to violence will hear. Do you know what war is like for the people who live where it is taking place? Have you been there? Do you really want to incite it here? Is this what you want for our children? Just fucking stop it.

Picture taken by author, Republic of Vietnam 1968

The picture above is a child…

Few read my stories. Some were well received, some not so much. You may have noticed that I deleted them all. Some quotes which resonate with me.

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.” -Bertrand Russell

“Being absolutely right and being spectacularly wrong feel exactly the same.” -Scott Adams

Throughout history, in virtually every conflict, a universal law has applied. That law says:

1. Whatever you think you know is incomplete, and some of it is wrong!

2. You don’t know what you…

Dave Murray

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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